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SoftWash XT®

The neXT Generation of Friction Technology

Available now, the SoftWash XT leverages the best features of the legacy SoftWash® systems proven at thousands of sites worldwide while adding new technology to enhance wash quality and customer satisfaction while generating incremental revenue for the operator.

  • Ideal soft-touch system for gas stations/convenience stores and investor sites.
  • Adds new technology to enhance wash quality and customer satisfaction while generating incremental revenue for the operator.
  • Leverages the best features of the legacy SoftWash® system proven at thousands of sites worldwide.
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.


Our soft foam material gently cleans and polishes even the softest vehicle finishes. In combination with our patented spray arms, which contour the vehicle with the top brush, SofTecs minimizes the electricity, water and chemicals required to effectively clean the vehicle.

LED Directional Lighting

Bright green, red and yellow lights augmented by reflective decals on both sides of the gantry ensure customers are safely guided into position.

Contouring On-Board Dryer

Tracks vehicle from the optimal distance to minimize energy consumption while avoiding obstacles such as antennas and roof racks. AquaDri® static on-board and freestanding dryers are also available for the SoftWash XT.

Merchandising Display

Customized animated graphics help brand your site, illustrate wash functions, up-sell to premium wash packages, and cross-sell to other profit centers.

K100 Controller

Provides unparalleled flexibility to create wash programs and control speed to ensure optimal cleaning results and maximize choices for the customer.

High Pressure Options

CombiWash XT® adds a high pressure side wash to handle tough cleaning conditions. ChoiceWash XT® enables operators to also offer a complete touch-free high pressure wash using Mark VII's turbo technology.

Variable Frequency Drives

Travel and lifting systems utilize VFD technology to ensure smooth starts, greater speed control and lower energy consumption. There is less stress on components, the machine runs smoothly and customers perceive the carwash to be safer.

Self-Adjusting Side Washers

Side brushes angle out on the first pass and in on the second pass, ensuring that curved surfaces at the top and bottom are thoroughly scrubbed.

HubScrub® Wheel Cleaning System

Resolves the number one complaint from consumers: dirty wheels. Wheel brushes with integrated rim spraying rotate both directions to clean convoluted wheel surfaces and allow the operator to charge more for the premium wash package.

Triple-Foam Conditioner

Customers love the colorful display and scent provided by tri-color foamed chemicals used to enhance the cleaning process and are willing to pay more for wash packages that include them.

Premium Wax System

When combined with the typical clearcoat and spot free rinse applications, the premium wax system enables the use of chemicals such as Rain-X® and Total Turtle® to provide extended protection of all vehicle surfaces while driving incremental revenue for the carwash operator.