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AquaSpray Self Service Car Wash

AquaSpray® Self-Serve

The AquaSpray® is the next generation in self-serve carwashes by Mark VII™. The AquaSpray® was designed with the carwash operator in mind. Modular design, quality stainless steel construction, and high quality copper and stainless components add up to a reliable workhorse that excels in any environment. The reliable, flexible and compact design benefits the operator in many ways:

  • AquaSpray® was engineered to minimize downtime, reducing the need for costly service calls and allowing the operator to maximize revenue and profitability.
  • AquaSpray’s compact design occupies less space in the equipment room, ensuring that you have plenty of room to accommodate the water heater, RO water storage, electrical service, extra chemical containers, air compressor and all the other equipment needed to power the wash bays.

AquaSpray® consists of two core components: a fluid module and a high pressure pumping module. The fluid module manages all the chemical delivery and low pressure pumping requirements. Chemical options are numerous, allowing the operator to differentiate from the competition via the services offered. By offering more cleaning options, the customer is more likely to stay in the wash bay longer and increase the average revenue and profitability per wash.

The high pressure pumping module contains all the high pressure pumps, motors, weep system, cold water options and an RO boost option (if specified). CAT pumps are available in 3.5 or 4.5 GPM flow rates powered by 3 HP or 5 HP motors. Single and three phase motors can be selected based on availability of electrical service. Both the fluid module and high pressure pumping module are compactly contained in separate frames with all hoses supplied for easy installation.

Self Serve Pump Station

Individual pumping plants for each bay designed for simplicity and reliability; stainless steel fluid module for long life.

Easy-to-Use Control Panels

Colorful 12-position control panel in each bay accepts payment, counts time remaining and selects wash cycle.

Credit Card Convenience

Optional credit card reader provides added flexibility for customers and drives longer wash time and higher average revenue per wash.

Step-by-Step Instructions

With our easy-to-read instructional signs, customers should have no problem completing even the dirtiest job.